Mouna Rebeiz is a Lebanese-Canadian painter based in London. Born into a family of artists, she was a tremendously creative child and showed a particular interest in the visual arts. Having grown up surrounded by musicians, painters and poets, her own work is vibrant with the notes and verses that she drank in during those early years.

Fascinated by the facets of the human being and human psyche, she studied psychology at the Sorbonne and at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. After completing her MA in psychology she divided her time between Europe and North America. In 1995 she enrolled at the Atelier Cépiade, where she met Alix de la Source, a lecturer at the Louvre specialising in 18th-century painting. From her she learned about the techniques of the great masters and began to gain a sense of her own direction.

Mouna perfected her mastery of patinas at Cours Renaissances.
With Abraham Pincas, a painter and teacher at ENSBA Paris, and with Mohamed El Rawas, a Lebanese painter and engraver teaching at the fine arts school in Beirut, Mouna has worked constantly to develop her technique and to capture the energy of Life, both in figurative and abstract forms in over twenty-Five years of art-making.

Today she is continuing her explorations, revisiting the great totems in the playful space of the present.