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links about Trash-ic Other links Mouna Rebeiz dévoile son exposition « Le Tarbouche » à la Saatchi Gallery – L’officiel de la mode Le Tarbouche –… Read More

The artist

Mouna Rebeiz Even as a small child, Mouna Rebeiz’s creativity and special fervour for the plastic arts were manifested. Born into a family of artists — musicians, painters and poets — her paintings resonate with the music and verse that infused her childhood. Fascinated by the complexities of the human psyche, Mouna studied Psychology at… Read More


MY APPROACH “Hyme a la vie” (Celebration of Life) is a vibrant homage to the power of Woman’s Seduction. Life is Feminine, so is Creation. Man only exists in opposition to Woman. The Child, is an expression which she sets free and nurtures. In its most simple representation Woman dominates and is complete. My nudes… Read More