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Mouna Rebeiz, From the shadows into the light

A passionate music lover, Mouna Rebeiz unveils a secret side with her “quasi metaphysical” Opéras series, inviting contemplation. Les Troyens, série “Opéras”, 2009 Huile sur toile 200x250cm Spirited, vivacious, she is in perpetual movement as she speaks. Brisk, almost abrupt, often likened to a “flame” or a “volcano”, fearless. No stranger to paradox, the vibrant… Read More

La voie de L’opéra

La voie de L’opéra – From the 27th of january to the 11th of february 2017 Gallerie Pierre Alain Challier 8 rue Debelleyme 75003 paris

Le Tarbouche

Saatchi Gallery, London – UK – February 23 – March 3 2015